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We explore unknown scientific territories in thin film quantum materials using a state-of-the-art Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) technique in combination with various characterization probes. Our custom-designed MBE system has a number of unique capabilities that facilitate atomic-scale engineering of a variety of novel quantum material systems. Utilizing these unique capabilities, we are actively investigating various thin quantum materials including topological insulators, 2D materials, complex oxides and their heterostructures. Such quantum heterostructures could yield new physics and devices that are intriguing both intellectually and technologically. In particular, we are one of the few global leaders in thin film topological materials.


(Apr. 2017) Nikesh's work on artificial 1D topological insulator, done in collaboration with Princeton's Hasan group and published in Science Advances, has been featured in Princeton Research Letter:, and also in Moore foundation's News letter: .

(Jan. 2017) Matt's work on Transport properties of topological insulators: Band bending, bulk metal-to-insulator transition, and weak anti-localization was nominated to be one of the five publications chosen by the Editors of Solid State Communications, highlighted in Editors' Choice 2016:

The editors wrote: This paper presents a coherent picture for understanding transport measurements on current topological insulator (TI) materials such as those based on Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te3. The authors conclude that transport measurements on TI materials are often more complex than non-TI materials due to the various topological and non- topological transport channels that are simultaneously present. The presented results highlight the difficulties in achieving a TI that is insulating in the bulk at finite temperatures. The conclusions point out that fine-tuning of disorder, band bending and weak-anti-localization could lead to creation of TI state that is insulating in the bulk.

(Dec. 2016) Our work on demonstration of quantized Faraday/Kerr rotations and axion electrodynamics on interface-engineered topological insulator thin films is published in Science ( and featured in Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation's News Letter

(Apr. 2016) Bharath Kannan is selected as an SAS Henry Rutgers Scholar for his undergrad thesis on topological devices

(Mar. 2016) Matthew Brahlek is awarded 2015 Richard Plano Dissertation Award for his PhD thesis on atomically-engineered topological insulators:

(Dec. 2015) One of our works on spin detection of topological insulators is featured in Nature Physics as a Research Highlight:

(Nov. 2015) Nikesh, Matt, and Maryam's record surface state mobility and quantum Hall effect study appeared in Nano Letters:

(Sep. 2015) Maryam's invited paper on stability of thin film topological insulators and capping effect appeared in APL Materials:

(July 2015) Matt's invited paper on transport properties of topological insulators appeared in the special issue of Solid State Communications:

(Aug. 2014) Matt's work ( is featured as the Editors' Choice in Science Magazine:

(Aug. 2014) Prof. Oh selected as one of the twelve Moore Materials Synthesis Investigators nationwide:

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