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Topological Quantum Matter Engineering Lab

Welcome to Topological Quantum Matter Engineering Lab!!

We are scientific explorers looking for previously-unknown territories in the vast ocean of quantum and topological materials. Our flagship is a uniquely-built hybrid molecular beam epitaxy system capable of creating various artificial materials with atomic precision, supported by variety of other advanced tools and collaboration teams. With these unique capabilities, we explore a range of hybrid thin film quantum materials including topological insulators, topological superconductors, Weyl/Dirac semimetals, materials for superconducting and topological quantum computation, 2D materials, and correlated oxides, searching for new physics and materials for quantum and topological applications.

If you would like to share the excitement of discoveries while exploring the unknown phase space of quantum and topological materials, you are welcome to join the Topological Quantum Matter Engineering Lab!!


Our recent work on topological phase transitions probed by higher harmonics is featured in the News and Views article in Nature Photonics: And also here:

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